Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Housekeeping: A Note to Our Blog Readers

Dear Blog Readers,

Our blog is currently in the process of being brought up to date.

We have updates up to May 19, 2009 - at that point last year we no longer had the energy to continue a conversation with the University which had proven to be largely unproductive. However, as the Dance and University administration in general has not and will not fulfill the task of making their processes transparent and widely accessible, we must do it here. The upkeep of the standards of documentation and reportage as in keeping with our editorial policies will take some time. Please be patient. You may email us with any specific questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Please continue to check back. We have kept largely comprehensive documentation on this blog, and are working on filling what holes exist.


Note: This entry may be edited later to reflect and include the new material as it is added.