Wednesday, February 11, 2009

part 2: feb 11

On day two we added more articles, as well as the title of the project: THIS in big colorful letters.

Combined person hours: 9 hours
does not include research, organizing, printing, discussion, documentation

Financial costs: to be calculated

Writings by:

Sherman Alexie, Tim Wise, coffeeandink, theangryblackwoman, Naamen Gobert Tilahun, Andrea Rubinstein, Peggy McIntosh, ampersand, jen, Chrystos, Audre Lorde, Nikki Giovanni, Lee Maracle, Mitsuye Yamada, Andrea Smith, Cherri Moraga, Barbara Smith, Doris Davenport, Cherrie Mackey, Michelle Obama, Martin Jacques, Jo Carillo, Oscar Brown Jr, Arundhati Roy, Jamaica Kincaid, Luther Standing Bear, Malcolm X, Unidentified, Unidentified

From day 2

From day 2

From day 2

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day 2