Tuesday, March 3, 2009

part 7: March 3

Today we burst onto the second floor.

We devoted the 2nd floor glass window-walls to invisible bodies. It was a deliberate decision not to identify the bodies photographed. Surrounding the photographs we posted words - labels and categories. We also posted more written material on the door of Studio 200, the elevator foyer, the hallways leading to faculty offices (with bell hooks and Paulo Freire), and the outside of the doors of both the faculty and student bathrooms.

The authors we included (in random order): Wheelchair Dancer, Paulo Freire, nightengalesknd, Cripchick, bell hooks, Robert M. Pirsig, Gillespie and Woods, Little Light, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous,

Combined person hours: 24
This figure does not include all research, organizing, printing, hashing and rehashing ideas, documentation, and recovery.

Financial costs: final costs to be calculated. Today we spent another $75 on color and black ink.


Click below to view photos "before". A small tour of the second floor, for anyone unfamiliar:
part 7 - Before, a small tour of the 2nd floor


invisible bodies window-wall
From Part 7: March 3

From Part 7: March 3

elevator foyer
From Part 7: March 3

on faculty bathroom door
From Part 7: March 3

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Part 7: March 3

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  1. colleagues,
    thank you for your work. a friend sent me an email about the protest. i stand in solidarity with you...i hope you will accept me as a white ally. i run a social justice undergrad minor in social work. i thank the students of color for your courageous undertaking. this is an important protest. i hope to come by to see it in the next week.

    i ask my white brothers and sisters to step back and LOOK and LISTEN. please don't be defensive. we, as white people, have enormous privilege and safety on this planet, in this country, on this campus...24/7. having white privilege means we don't ever have to "see" it. this protest demands that we "see" it. this is not about us as individuals, but about institutional racism.

    if i can be of any support to the students of color...please ask for whatever you might need.

    if i can be of any support to us white people, please ask. perhaps we can gather in a "white caucus," a place where we can speak among ourselves about this protest. i would certainly be willing to serve as a facilitator.

    i can best be reached via email: lalbrech@umn.edu

    thank you. lisa albrecht