Saturday, March 7, 2009

Response: March 6, 2009

Below is the text of the second official response sent to the dance program list-serve, again from the director of the dance program Dr. Ananya Chatterjea. It was sent the morning after we put up Part 8.

Sub: [Dance] exhibit
Date: 3/6/2009 9:15 AM

Dear students,

Some time ago I had written to you congratulating you on the exhibit that has been springing up on us. Truly, this faculty has been very supportive of such guerilla art and the thoughts it has provoked. I also hope that these fantastic images and quotes have sparked really vibrant conversations and dialogues amongst you all.

However, some housekeeping concerns have been brought up to me.

1. The duct tape and packing tape as well as regular tape that have been used for the exhibit are really bad for our walls. I am requesting whoever is responsible to _gently_ remove tape and replace them with two-sided stickies. we have some of them in our office and I am not sure how you will access them given the nature of this secretly mushrooming exhibit, but i am open to suggestion. Please will you make sure that these replacements are done within a week? I am aware that this is an expensive solution, but you will all agree that we want to preserve our space.

2. I am told that Facilities Management was not happy to see tape on the freshly painted walls of the lobby. I will see what can be negotiated around that. More on that forthcoming.

3. We are _all_ becoming very concerned about your safety. Clearly people are in this building late, late at night. Obviously, there are risks being taken, many of the pictures and posters are placed in hard to reach positions. Unfortunately, there are issues around insurance that are becoming bigger and bigger. Please, please, students and artists who are responsible, can we talk--through your anonymous blog if need be--so we are assured of your safety. We are deeply deeply worried. I hope to hear something from someone through some channel by monday.